Rich Bentz

Rich Bentz is a Man of Many Talents. Rich offers Career Consulting & Coaching Specializing in Acting, Video and On-Camera Services.

Rich has appeared in numerous shows and commercials for television, film and Internet during his 20+ years of acting. His works include industrial, voice over, radio, theater, television, film, music video, and commercial.

His latest film appearances include:

"AmeriGeddon" as Malcom

"America" as Saul Alinsky

"The Cherokee Word for Water" as Charlie Soap's boss

"Self- Delusion and Other Obstacles" as the father

Rich's Training includes Advanced training on all subjects from Improv to Film, Television, and Stage by instructors Rebecca McCauley, Tom Logan, Beverly Holloway, Chris Freihofer, Kent Bateman, Will Borowski, and Brian Shoop. 

  Online Resume & Demo Reels

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Professional Actor Head Shot Photo Sessions

Professional Head Shots are an absolutely essential part of your business. Rich's prices are very competitive, and well within any actors budget. Below are a few examples of his work to date.

$75 includes: 4 looks, professional lighting, and HD digital copies within 7 days

$45 includes: 2 looks, professional lighting, and HD digital copies within 7 days


Demo reels are an essential part of your business. Clients now often require a demo reel for the specific type of job for which they are seeking talent.  Rich now offers Demo Reel Recording Services using HD recording with professional lighting and recording equipment.  We assist you during your session to assure your best possible take. Your demo reel is shot, edited, and sent to you in digital format for use to promote your talents.

Recommended Demo Reels:

  • Teleprompter
  • Spokesperson
  • Film & Television
  • Commercials
  • Improv

$75 includes:  HD video recording, professional lighting, editing, and digital copy within 7 days


Video Audition Services are offered at the listed fee below. Your audition will be recorded, prepared and uploaded for submission per your instructions with a digital copy for your professional use. Please note if you will need a reader to assist for your video audition.


$75 includes: video, editing, upload and HD digital copy within 7 days

$90 with reader


VIDEO Editing services are offered by Rich Bentz.  If you need a demo reel edited from multiple video sources we can bring together various videos you already have and edit them down to a single demo reel for posting on your Actor's Access or Casting Networks profiles, or even for posting on your personal YouTube channel or website.  

*Files must be in digital format, on CD or DVD.  Additional charges will apply if tracks are on VHS and must be converted.

$75 includes: editing from multiple digital tracks, finished digital demo reel


We offer private consultations to actors interested in getting an evaluation of their career path, training, head shots and resume.  Consultations are personalized to address the topics you wish, including demo reels, representation, marketing, submissions, and anything else you need information about. Consultations may be held via phone or Skype if you are not in the Tulsa area.

$90 / hour


Social Media offers limitless possibilities for career success when you know how to use it. Regina Ann provides time proven techniques to improve your media exposure including: social media that works, how to set up a free website, and how to put YouTube and IMDB to work for you! Best of all you learn the tips to manage it all in just 15 minutes per week!

Regina Ann has worked in and through Social Media Marketing for nearly two decades. She spent several years as a business consultant managing websites, marketing and promotion, and social media marketing for businesses and business professionals. She now offers her years of experience to guide you through the many options at your disposal to promote you and your career.

$90 / hour

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