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Rich & Regina Ann have established a tradition of unique quality service to help you be the very best you that you can be. Providing Actor Services and a range of Holistic Health Services and Healthy Living options.

Bentz Enterprises, LLC began with Actor Rich Bentz and his desire to offer services for actors at affordable prices. Using his digital media camera and professional studio lighting along with his 20+ years of experience, Rich offers actors a wide range of services to assist actors with their careers.

With the addition of Regina Ann, Bentz Enterprises expanded to include her established Holistic Health practice offering Complimentary Integrative Medicines, Healing Arts, and Lifestyle Coaching. Integrative Holistic Solutions. 

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 Actor Services

Rich Bentz has been acting since 1990, spent four years as a talent agent, has casting credits, and has worked production. He offers his vast expertise to actors as only a seasoned actor with experience behind the camera and in front of the camera can. Some of the services offered include:

Actor Head Shots - casting directors and directors want to see specific kinds of head shots. Make sure the photographer you hire knows how to make yours stand out at affordable rates.

Actor Workshops - monthly workshops, special guest workshops, and actor retreats provide actors with in-person and online specialized content for actors of all experience ranges.

Career Consulting/Coaching - when you are not sure what to do in your acting career, you need a coach. When you think you know what to do, you need a consultant. When you need one-on-one polishing to improve your on camera performance, you need a coach. Anyone in this business can use a coach or consultant at some point to guide them to their next level.  

Demo Reels - demo reels are as essential as head shots in this industry. You may be missing out on being seen if there is no demo reel on your profile. Rich offers complete demo reel service at extremely reasonable rates. 

Video Services


Relax ~ Revitalize ~Restore

Well Empowered ~ Body, Mind & Spirit. Integrative Holistic Solutions is a sacred space of empowerment, restoration and relaxation.  A judgement-free zone of unconditional love and acceptance.

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